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Dutchdome protects grass soccer fields

Dutchdome has developed a pitch cover system to protect football fields against rain, snow and frost. Dutchdome can also help thaw a field, and can improve the condition of damaged grass.

The frozen field Putting up the cover Inflated cover
The field under the cover After 3 days
The Dutchdome cover being installed and doing its job in the A. Le Coq Arena at Tallinn, home of FC Flora and the national team of Estonia.

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How it works

Soccer clubs are regularly forced to cancel a match because of excessive rain, snow or frost. To avoid this problem, Dutchdome protects the field during a few hours or days before the beginning of the match with a semi-transparent pitch cover system. The light-weight cover is easy to install and remove. Through three openings in the cover, air is blown in with big fans, what makes the cover take a bulging shape and at the same time ventilates the lawn.

The Dutchdome cover being installed and doing its job in the stadium of Lokomotiv in Moscow.

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The advantages

- No worries about bad weather
- The lawn remains in good condition
- No financial risk because of cancelations
- The field will almost always be playable
- The players will suffer less from injuries
- Less maintenance is needed for the grass
- The confidence of the spectators increases since one almost always plays

The Dutchdome cover weighs about 340 kg (750 lbs.) and consists of 8 parts.

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The Dutchdome cover is patented.